Qur'anic Reference:

And they will be given to drink there a cup (of wine) mixed with Zanjabil (ginger, etc.) (76:17)

Containing very important elements shogaol and gingerols and many minerals.

It also comes from a reservoir in Jannah called salsabeela. In the authentic ahadeeth, the King of the Byzantines gave a sackful of ginger as a gift to the Prophet SAW, which he distributed to his Companions.


Ibn Qayyim Al Jawziyyah RA, one of the early scholars, wrote a lot about the benefit of ginger. In the early stages of medicine, Dawwud Al Antarki and Ibn Sinna did a lot of research about the benefits of ginger, which are numerous.

Ginger is a good anti inflammatory, contains antioxidants, can help in attacking many viruses and is also good in the nervous system, colon and helps to relieve backaches, joint aches, joint diseases and rheumatism. It is very good to help the liver function by breaking major elements of fat in the system, the colon function and our own systematic muscle action. It helps in digestion and relieving stomach problems.

It can help to improve memorisation, and if mixed with cinnamon, is a good remedy for the flu and cold.

Ginger contains many elements which helps the skin and the hair to be maintained in good health.

Ginger can help reduce morning sickness and dizziness for pregnant women. It is good to break the cholesterol and help to decrease the cholesterol. In general, it has a very high amount of benefit for almost every part and every gland of the body.

Suggested Uses:

Good to lose weight if mixed with green tea and taken after a meal, especially for the lower part of the body.

Mix with mint, aniseed, rose water and a cup of water to relieve headaches and anxiety.

Drink water or tea infused with ginger in the winter to increase the blood circulation and energy of the body, as it makes you feel warm and energetic. This drink also helps reduce bloating, increase sexual desire and help prevent Alzheimer's disease.

There are plenty of other benefits of ginger. Our idea is to give you a glimpse of them, but take time to research online or in books to see the other benefits.

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