Qur'anic Reference:

And those on the Right Hand, Who will be those on the Right Hand? (They will be) among thornless lote-trees, Among Talh (banana-trees) with fruits piled one above another. [56:27-29]


According to early scholars, bananas are the fruit of the princes and the intellectuals. It is the food of the learned and the fuel of the strong people.

Bananas are rich in carbohydrates, potassium, magnesium, dietary fibre, vitamin B and different minerals, and different sugars such as sucrose and glucose.

The early shuyukh said bananas are good for children's growth and pregnant women and they used to give it to women after delivery. Bananas are good for the chest, helps with the kidney and digestive functions. They increase the immune system, improve the memory and prevent heart attacks. Bananas are good for the stomach, fights bacteria and decreases acidity.

Studies in the United States have proven the relationship between bananas and peaceful sleep – especially useful for children. Bananas increase the production of melatonin, a hormone of the body that plays a big role in deep sleep.

The FDA of the United States has confirmed that bananas are good for decreasing blood pressure, is good for the brain and is a source of quick energy.

Allah did not put the benefit into something expensive or luxurious. It is one of the cheapest fruits and is available easily.

Alternative uses:
You can research the other uses for bananas, but these are some to think about:
Bananas are good for hair, skin and haemoglobin problems, because they contain a high level of manganese.
It was discovered ten years ago that the inner part of the banana skin generates elements for skincare and prevents acne.
It decreases the body temperature, and is recommended for pregnant women before delivery.
A small piece of banana mixed with olive oil, applied onto hair for 15 minutes (and then washed off with normal shampoo), will help strengthen weak hair.
A banana mixed with three teaspoons of glycerine can relieve cracked lips.
A mashed banana, mixed with apple cider vinegar and applied onto the hair for 10-15 minutes (and then washed off with normal shampoo) can reduce hair loss.

2 spoons of mashed banana, mixed with one spoon of honey and one spoon of sesame oil, applied to the hair for 20 minutes (and then washed off with normal shampoo), can nourish dry hair.
Mashed banana and almond oil can be used as a moisturising face mask.

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