May 2019

Part 39 – Guarding the tongue and actions

Aswad ibn Asram (RA) once asked Rasulullah (SAW) for advice. Rasulullah (SAW) asked him to hold tight with his hand. If unable, then to hold his tongue. If unable, not to spread his hand and his tongue except with goodness, which in other words means to be careful of what he does and says.

Narrated Abu Musa Al-Ash'ari: that the Prophet (SAW) was asked:"Which of the Muslims is most virtuous?" He said: "The one from (the harm of) whose tongue and hand (other) Muslims are safe." (Tirmidhi)

Part 38 -Liberation from our own desires

To love someone we have to serve. Why do we keep falling during this journey today? It is because we are stubbornly clinging on to what we want, and therefore become slaves to our yearnings, be it money, food, status, physical relationships, or showing off. Once the desire intensifies, we would do anything to fulfil that desire. We have the illusion of freedom, but we are actually imprisoned and enslaved by our own obsession. We cannot serve because we do not care about anyone other than ourselves.