April 2019

Part 30 - Do you love your wealth above Allah and His messenger enough?

You will not be a believer unless your love for Allah and His Messenger is above all other love, and that your desires, motivations and thoughts are according to the message. Think of those you love and obey in this world – your love and obedience to Allah must be above these, such that you even put your own desires aside for what Allah wants.

Part 29 - The sacrifices of the Muhajireen and the Ansari

The early Muslims made monumental sacrifices for Islam, and one of the clearest examples is the emigration or Hijrah. The Muslims of Mekah (the Muhajireen) were commanded to emigrate to Madinah for protection from their persecutors and to forward the propagation of Islam. They were forced to abandon everything that they could not carry with them – their houses, crops, cattle, wells and date trees, including their potential income from these.