March 2019

Part 21 - Setting our priorities and the useful knowledge

A woman wants her husband's attention and spends hours decorating herself for him to obtain a few minutes of pleasure with him. How many times do we decorate ourselves (through our actions and manner) for Allah in order to obtain the pleasure of Allah? When we decorate ourselves for others, how many times do we find all that effort has gone to waste – the husband may be asleep or simply not in the mood? All that time spent in vain and for the sake of one who cannot benefit us.

Leaving Ramadan

The message of Ramadan is similar to the message of Hajj, because it contains many fundamental components of Islam.

Towards the end of Ramadan, let us check what we have gained. We are supposed to leave Ramadan with increased manners, iman, yaqeen and patience. Lailatul Qadr is for us to recount and celebrate the guidance and follow the Qur'an. The same book also contains a warning for us.

The Philosophy of De-cluttering - part 4

Eliminating the negative

Marie Kondo, the Japanese tidiness guru, introduced the concept of eliminating things which do not “spark joy” in us. It made sense when applied to things which many of us have too much of, such as clothes, books and magazines. But what also struck me was that many things in my apartment were neither functional nor did they spark joy. They had neutral effect, or so I thought.