April 2018

The Art of Da'wah Part 4

Inviting to Allah only

If we claim to be the follower of Rasulullah SAW, we have to invite to Allah and His Messenger, not to a particular group, ideology or sect. The invitation must only be to Allah and not contribute towards the division of the ummah. Whoever invites towards division and claims that only his ideology is correct, please refer back to the Qu'ran, because it is dangerous to think you are on the right track while looking down on others.

The Art of Da'wah Part 3

The Three Punches

The major pillars of da'wah are to deliver a punch in the face (with good manner, behaviour and character), a punch in the stomach (to be generous in food, gifts and different things) and a punch in the heart, which is the spinal cord of da'wah: to supplicate to Allah to accept your efforts and embed the message in the other person's heart. This is returning the matter to the Owner, because who is the better doer rather than the One you are inviting others to?

The Art of Da'wah Part 2

Sincere Advice

Allah often uses the phrase "struggle in His path", because the word struggle connotes elements of difficulty. All of us were created with various deficiencies and shortcomings, even the Prophets and Messengers. We have to return the issue to Allah and start the real struggle in His path, starting with the desire and zeal.