January 2018

Insurance and Assurance of the Future - part 2

How Do We Insure Our Happiness, then?

The word "future" implies the unknown. It can change without notice, whether we want it or not. We are rarely prepared for change, because deep inside, we want the style of life to continue the way we have planned, desired and calculated. In real life, the slightest jolt in this illusory equilibrium can change everything overnight.

I Can't Focus! - Part 2

So what do I need to do

If you were informed of an exam which will determine the rest of your career, you will appreciate its importance. If you have a desire to succeed, you will immediately focus on the crucial goal to be achieved and cull the distractions. It is no different on the goal of the hereafter.

The Qur'an gives a vivid description of the Day of Judgment, and states:

Caring for the elderly

Imagine that you get old or ill, and you need care, but you find yourself neglected by your loved ones or even your closest family members. We see the increasingly tragic situation in first world and even developing countries, where once the person reaches the level where he needs care, he is neglected, or even abused or admitted into a nursing home. The main humane elements of love and mercy are hardly seen today, with the bankruptcy of basic mercy and compassion for others. 

Exercising our choices

It is normal for a Muslim in any Western society (by Western, I also mean any non-Muslim society) to feel isolated in one way or another. After all, Islam is a way of life, and it affects every aspect of your day to day activities, from the way we dress, to the kind of food we eat and even the way we talk and interact with other people.