September 2015



Sulaiman AS and Bait-ul Maqdis

The Temple of Sulaiman is so legendary that it has found its way into folklore and even many movies. What made the temple significant is all the effort to build it by man and jinn, leading to a magnificent structure.

Sulaiman AS – Part 2


The Queen of Sheba

The hoopoe did as commanded, carried the letter (and in some reports, together with a copy of religious scriptures) and dropped it close by to Balqis. Then, as instructed, he observed her secretly from a distance. The letter was very short and to the point, containing an invitation to the way of Allah. Balqis read the letter and decided to seek counsel of the royal advisors on the best course of action.

Sulaiman AS – Part 1


Sulaiman AS was the son and heir of Daud AS both in prophethood and kingdom. He is one of the few reported Prophets who was wealthy (the others being his father, Daud AS and Ayoub AS).

And Sulaiman inherited David. He said, "O people, we have been taught the language of birds, and we have been given from all things. Indeed, this is evident bounty." (Al Qur'an 27:16)

The Yellow Cow

The story of the yellow cow took place during the prophethood of Musa AS. Bani Israel were trying to start a new life away from Pharaoh's oppressive regime, but their tribalism, quarrelsome nature and distrust of each other led to several disputes. They also held on to their love of money, gold, and were at the same time filled with stinginess, jealousy and envy.