August 2015

Uzair (Ezra)

Uzair was one of the pious men within Bani Israel, who lived after the time of Musa AS. He was a firm believer who committed the Taurat (Torah) to memory, and was famed for being so pious that all his supplications to Allah came true. There is speculation that he might have been a prophet, but this is something that was never confirmed by the Qur'an or the Sunnah.

Zakariya AS


Bani Israel Deviates Again

Centuries passed after the death of Sulaiman AS, and the Muslim kingdom rose and fell. The temple of Sulaiman AS disappeared over the generations, and in its vicinity, the modern day Bait-al Maqdis was erected.


One of the most prominent people of Bani Israel is Qarun. He is famed for his riches, and although descended from Bani Israel, he was one of the people closest to Pharaoh.

Allah describes the amount of his wealth – just the keys to his treasures could not be carried by one man. According to one report, Qarun needed 60 mules, each one carrying just the keys to each of his treasures.