Who am I and why am I here? Part 2

The continuous transmission of the message

Throughout the history of mankind, Allah SWT has been sending us His messages and signs in various forms. At the beginning and up to around 1400 years ago, it was through Messengers and Prophets. However, we also have ongoing signs all around us: when we look at the skies, the earth and the horizon, the weather patterns, the beauty of the plant and animal kingdom, all with their embedded systems of perfection and balance. All these signs demonstrate the magnificence of Allah and "advertises" us to His might, and invites us towards Him.

If we are alert, there is a continuous information and reminder system from Him, message after message in the form of life, death, wonders and catastrophes. He promised to send to mankind messages to allow them to know Him, and it is up to mankind to humble themselves, reach out, and seek the guidance of their Lord.

It is not only just in the order and beauty of nature. The signs also materialise in our daily lives, and bear down upon us through various messages, including illnesses, accidents, oppression, calamities, heartbreaks and even our sins. All the ups and downs in life have a wisdom, which invites us to contemplate and lead us on the journey to the Creator. If the Almighty has chosen us to be among the guided ones and to carry the message, we are already fulfilling the main two reasons of our existence, and this is the ultimate honour from the Almighty to us.

What would Allah do with your punishment if you are grateful and believe? And ever is Allah Appreciative and Knowing. (Al Qur'an 4:147)

This verse explains that Allah created mankind, and knows that we are flawed, weak, sinners and always prone to mistakes. The beginning of the verse asks what Allah will do with us, meaning what will Allah benefit by punishing us? In here lies a beautiful message from our Lord.

The following part of the verse, is in relation to those who show gratitude and belief. These are the two elements He wants from us. He does not expect our absolute perfection in behaviour, because He knows that in life we will always fluctuate between various degrees of good and bad. What He ultimately and constantly wants from us are our gratitude and belief.

Remember these two elements, for they will lead you to the happiness in this life, make you live in peace, but above all that, you will also gain the pleasure, forgiveness, guidance and rewards from your Lord.

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